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Here at the Green Leaf Company we believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge needed to sustainably grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbal medicine in the comfort of their own home. We will dedicate ourselves in not just providing quality products, but the tools necessary to sustainably grow your own verdure.

Grow Kit Types

Signature Series

For the grower who wants to get things going right away, we offer a fully stocked Grow Kit at an affordable price!

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Pro Series

Our upgraded Grow Kit, packed with a 1680D Pro Series Tent, commercial grade reversible flange 2” pack carbon filter, noise reduction clamps, large display therm, hygrometer, and a 3-way moisture/light/pH meter.

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Pro/Signature Series LED

We offer both the Signature and Pro Series with ideal lighting options! Add our affordable and high quality LED's to your Kit today!

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