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Grow Tents

It can be confusing trying to decide what size kit you may need. The most important decision you need to make is what size of enclosure do you need? Here at the Green Leaf Company we carry a wide variety of enclosures starting as small as 2'x2' for smaller vegetative growths and as large as 5'x5' for serious growers with large vegetative needs. We have conveniently built all of our kits around enclosure size making it easy once you have decided your growing needs. We find the most common enclosure size is our 3'x3' which is about the size of a refrigerator and can comfortably fit 4 large tomato plants. We offer two tent material thicknesses; 600D (Signature Series), and 1680D (Pro Series). While both tents are built to the highest quality standards the Pro Series tents will provide added material thickness, increased light impermeability, better sound resistance, and added insulation for optimal temperature performance.

Reflectors, Lighting, Ducting

Below is a quick guide for selecting your Reflector type.

Wing Reflector 

The standard wing reflector is a great economical choice that will satisfy most growing needs. It is lightweight, compact, and highly reflective.

Cool Tube Reflector

The Cool Tube Reflector is a great choice when trying to minimize grow room temperatures. Ambient air is passed by the bulb then ejected out of the enclosure drastically reducing temperatures in your grow enclosure. This reflector is best utilized when using higher wattage bulbs (600w-1000w) and when the ambient air outside the enclosure is above 21 degrees centigrade.

3XL Reflector

With larger grow enclosures a larger reflector is more effective at reflecting light over a larger canvas. Because this Reflector is not a cool tube design we recommend increasing your air system to a 6" or 8" duct system to better mitigate potential higher temperatures when using higher wattage bulbs (600w-1000w).

315w & 630w CMH

With the efficiency of LED and the reliability of Metal Halide these are performance growing systems. Because of the reduced wattage and wide light spectrum you can better moderate grow room temperatures and create a light that replicates the sun, increasing vegetative yields.

Bulb Wattage

When selecting your lighting wattage there is a number of factors to consider. Enclosure square footage, heat, and airflow. Typical rule of thumb for HPS & MH wattage is 50 watts per sq ft. E.g. 3'x3' grow enclosure is 9 sq ft. 50watts per sq ft x 9 sq ft = 450 watts. When using CMH lighting a smaller wattage is required do to the wide spectrum lighting created by the fixture.


The Green Leaf electronic ballast is a dimmable, fan cooled, extremely high frequency ballast that will bring you from seed to harvest in no time. With a dimmable ballast you are able to select a higher wattage system and dim your ballast for increased energy savings when not growing vegetation that requires a high wattage output.

Note: When selecting your kit lighting wattage we've automatically selected the corresponding ballast to your kit.​

Fan, Filter, Ducting

When selecting your Fan, Filter, and Ducting size it is important to keep two things in mind. Airflow and heat dispersal. The larger the tent, the larger the fan, filter, and ducting will be required to provide adequate airflow and ventilation for your grow. Plants require carbon dioxide to grow and expel oxygen, as such ample air flow must be generated to cycle fresh air into the enclosure. When using larger wattage bulbs a lot of heat can be created, while this may be a benefit for some e.g. using your grow kit in a basement. It is important to select a larger size fan, filter and ducting when using higher wattage bulbs. 

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