4' x 4' Grow Kit - 3XL Reflector Pro Series

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4' x 4' Grow Kit - 3XL Reflector Pro Series


We have specially designed our complete grow kits to include everything required to start growing.

Start your year-round growing Today. Be sure to check out the Green Leaf Difference!


Our Pro Series Kits include the following upgrades:

1680D Grow Tent 

Noise Reduction Clamps

Incl. Large Display Therm. Hygrometer

Incl. 3-Way Moisture, Light, and pH Meter

6 Ratchet Hangers

Fabric Pots

Commercial Grade Reversible Flange Carbon Filter

Grow Room Glasses

Nutrients _ 3 Part


You deserve the best. So why not have it with the Green Leaf Pro Series grow tent. The Pro Series is perfect for professional and beginner growers. Manufactured using the thickest material on the market 1680D is 9x thicker than competitors 190D fabric. The added thickness makes the walls impermeable to light, resistant to odors, sound resistant, and properly insulated for optimal temperature performance. A built-in easy view window allows you to monitor your grow without vegetation disruption. Tent includes dual clinching ducts, highly reflective interior mylar, a convenient tool pouch, multiple vents to accommodate fans and filters, and an all-metal interlocking frame making this one of the strongest tents on the market.

Tent also includes a 1' easy to assemble height extension kit to give you a total towering height of 7'11".


Whats Included:

(1) 4' x 4' Pro Series 1680D Grow Tent

(1) 36.5"x30.3" 3XL Reflector

(1) 400w Dimmable Electronic Ballast

(1) 400w MH Bulb

(1) 400w HPS Bulb

(1) GP3' Grow 1-Litre

(1) GP3' Bloom 1-Litre

(1) GP3' Micro 1-Litre

(1) 4"x20" Black Beauty Carbon Filter

(1) 4" Inline Fan with Leather Cover & Speed Controller

(1) 4"x25' Ducting

(4) 4" Noise Reduction Clamps 

(6) Ratchet Hangers

(1) Digital Timer

(1) Large Display Therm. Hygrometer

(1) Roll of Aluminum Tape

(1) 3-Way Moisture, Light, and pH Meter

(6) 3 Gallon Fabric Pots

(1) Pair of Grow Room Glasses

(1) Power Cord

*Not included: Soil, Seeds

**Please Note optional upgrades will change what is included in your grow system

Upgrade Notes: 6" Fan Filter Ducting option incl. 6"x24" Black Beauty Carbon Filter,

8" Fan Filter Ducting option incl. 8"x24" Black Beauty Carbon Filter

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