Compact Hydroponic System

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Enjoy the freedom of growing year-round with the Eden Garden Compact System. This kit includes everything you need to set up indoors with a small footprint and start growing indoors with artificial lighting right out of the box. With this kit, you can grow either 10 small plants or 4 large plants like tomatoes or um... other stuff :-)

Yield: Up to 10 small plants or 4 large plants per growing cycle.
Grow Anywhere: Hydroponics allow you to grow in rooms with little to no natural light.
Grow Year-round: Enjoy fresh produce any time!

10 Cup Tray Cover
10× Planting Cups
4 Cup Tray Cover
Access Door
Hose and Fittings
2× Pump
60CC Syringe
Rockwool Plugs
Reservoir Tray
Hydroponic Lighting System
AC Timer
Light Holder Base

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