Full Hydroponic System

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For the serious indoor gardener. The Eden Garden Full Hydroponic System starts with everything included in our compact system but adds an expansion tray that will double your yield by holding up to 12 additional small plants or 4 additional large plants, giving you 4 potential configurations to grow your garden.

Yield: Up to 22 small plants at once or 12 small plants and 4 large plants per growing cycle.

Flexibility: More space provides the ability to rotate crops.

Reservoir Tray
Hydroponic Lighting System
AC Timer
Light Holder Base
10 Cup Tray Cover
12 Cup Expansion Tray Cover
Expansion Tray Lid
22× Planting Cups
4 Cup Tray Cover
Access Door
Hose and Fittings
2× Pump
60CC Syringe
Rockwool Plugs
2× Leg Trough
2× Leg Trough Cover
2× Support Leg

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