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The G8-450B Full Spectrum Bloom Only light by G8LED is formulated for the flowering phase of plant's growth cycle and provides flowering coverage for 4-8 blooming plants . This light replaces 600-800 Watts of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulb, with a PAR Value of 860_Mol/m2/s, while only using 245Watts of power. This is a full spectrum flowering light and provides intense coverage for 12 square feet (4feet x 3feet) (1,1sq meter-122cm x 91cm) of grow space. This light penetrates 5feet (152cm) past the plant canopy and saves 50-60% on your electrical consumption. The electrical savings will pay for the light within the first year of usage.

With 8 years of research and improvement, G8LED has formulated the most efficient color ratio with 8 bands of the color spectrum from 380nm to 780nm, including Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and 6000K white. This is the perfect spectrum, maximizing plant yield per unit of electrical consumption. There are no wasted diodes in colors that are not needed for photosynthesis and yield. Get higher quality flowers with more trichomes and the highest yields per wattage of electrical consumption. This light is made with 3W chips, which are the ideal size for indoor plants up to 5feet (152cm) in length. The 3W chip has the perfect balance of penetrating power and low heat signature, which allows the G8LED growlights to be made in with a very dense network of diodes, maximizing light intensity per square inch and maximizing the yield per watt.

The G8LED Bloom Only lights have a higher ratio of red wavelengths in the light spectrum as compared to the G8LED Veg/Flower lights. The 90W Red Flower Booster is not necessary when using the G8LED Bloom Only lights. Using LED grow lights in the vegetative growth stage will acclimate the plants to grow under LEDs and will give better yields when flowering with a LED light.

G8LED lights come with our stellar Customer Service, which is the best in the industry. We have been providing excellent service to our customers for over 8 years. We make customer service our #1 priority and get a large portion of our business from repeat customers and referrals. Make the smart investment for your grow room with a high quality G8LED indoor grow light.

Worldwide power cords are available based on the country of your shipping address. Hanging wires are included and no ballast is needed. Just plug in and grow. Upgrade your grow room and Grow Green with G8LED Technology! Contact us with any questions.


Catalog Number G8-450B
Input Voltage / Amperage 110V @ 2.0Amp | 240V @ 1.0Amp
Net Weight 17.8 lbs (8.1kg)
Dimensions 17.5'x11'x3' (44.5x28x7.6cm)
PAR Value (_Mol/m2/s) 860
Power Draw 245W
Coverage Area 12 sq.ft. (1,12m sq.)
Return Period 90-Day Money Back

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