Iluminar Double Ended HPS Lamp 1000W

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The ILUMINAR 1000-watt Double Ended HPS grow light surpasses the competition and falls consistently in the top of its class with an amazing 2100+ μmol/s and an enhanced PAR maintenance over its 10,000-hour lifetime (>95%). The DE-HPS lamp gives you the benefit of the technology - penetrating the canopy deeper for more essential oils, resins and terpenes along with increased growth rates and yields. 

Regardless of which fixture you choose for the 1000W DE HPS, the results are remarkable. When paired with the ILUMINAR 1000W DE HPS Fixture, which it was designed for, this DE HPS grow light will beat any other manufacturer out there for a fraction of the price. 

Our clients choose ILUMINAR Lighting over other indoor lighting competitors for our impressive ROI, customer service and growing expertise. We have lighting designers who can give you tailored advice for your environment and desired yields and we have the lowest failure rate in the industry. 

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