Iluminar Double Ended HPS Lamp 750W

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Exerience the most efficient DE Fixture lamp on the market, ILUMINAR. The ILUMINAR Fixture is a controllable, dimmable high-frequency commercial grade fixture. The ILUMINAR reflector is a German aluminum reflector with 96% reflective. ILUMINAR has multiple reflector designs available allowing for low, high or EOR (End Of Row)  mounting of the fixture; giving the user a custom professional light canopy and high yield result.


The ILUMINAR Lamp outputs an amazing 1407+ μmol/s and an enhanced PAR maintenance over a 10,000 hour lifetime (>95%). The ILUMINAR DE HPS lamp penetrates plant canopies deeper than other lamps resulting in a higher development of essential oils, resins and terpene content with increased growth rates and explosive yields.

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