Mars Hydro - Mars Pro II Epistar 320

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Mars Hydro - Mars Pro II Epistar 320


Increase your yields with the Mars Hydro Pro LED grow light. Made by Epistar and ETL certified. Upgraded power supply as well as single LED chips with 5w diodes, these lights produce bright lighting with deep penetration providing the best that Mars Hydro offers. Using the dual growth modes reduce your growing costs, enjoy cooler enclosure temperatures, and ensure maximum plant growth. Incredible power at low operating temperature's gives you more than double the par values per watt compared to traditional HID or HPS lighting. Epistar's intensity and Mars Hydro engineering, offers you extreme power with unmatched efficiency. Perfect for upgrading your HPS / MH system.



Item NO.    Mars Pro II Epistar 320
Coverage    4'x4' (122 cm x 122 cm)
Compare to HPS/MH/HID    800watt

Draw power    110V:Growth:350W'5%|Bloom:740W'5% 220V:Growth345W'5%|Bloom:721W'5%
Hanging Distance    germination 24"-30" Growth:16"-24" flowering:12"-16"
Spectrum    440nm, 460nm, 630nm _660nm,730nm, 2700k-3000k
Voltage    Input voltage : 85v - 265v Amperage: 4.7 @ 120v | 2.4 @ 240v
Amps    6.4A/120v 3.2A/240v
BTU    1883
Decibel Value    61.4DB
View Angle of LED    100'
Lifespan    50,000hours
Dimension    23" x 22" x 4" (59cm x 57cm x 10cm)
Work Temperature    -4'F ~105'F (-20'C ~ 40'C)
N.W/G.W    16.5 kg / 17kg

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