315w Philips Green Power CMH Full Spectrum Grow Light

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315w Philips Green Power CMH Full Spectrum Grow Light


The Philips Master Colour Elite grow light offers an unrivalled level of light quality and performance.


If your looking for the efficiency of LED matched with the dependability of Metal Halide bulbs, then the 315w CDM grow light bulb is right for you. These grow lights have a more uniform spectral output than standard HPS and MH bulbs used for plant growth. This light works great through all stages of growth. Lower operating temperatures, square wave technology, high PAR value, and increased resin production are just a few of the reasons why these bulbs are dominating the market.


The Philips bulb has a very high 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) per second light source. This bulb also maintains its lumens throughout its life keeping an impresive 90% lumen at 8,000 hours and 85% PPF at 20,000 hours.



Lumens: 33000

Colour Temperature: 3100k

CRI: 92

Bulb Designation: T12

Average Life: 20,000 hours

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