8" Cool Tube Grow Light Reflector

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8" Cool Tube Grow Light Reflector


Control your grow enclosure temperatures with a Cool Tube Grow Light Reflector, one of the longest on the market. Manufactured using premium highly reflective aluminum, and tempered glass, you can provide the wattage you need without the added heat. The Cool Tube grow light reflector comes with an internal reflector and a removable external reflector. Eyelet hangers allow you to securely fasten the fixture however needed. The dual flange design allows you to pass cool air over the bulb, then vent outside the enclosure. Only the the heated air caused by the bulb is removed from the enclosure, greatly reducing the temperature of your grow enclosure. Built-in socket, 15' of pre-wired cord, and the ability to use all standard Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow light bulbs from 400w - 1000w.



Cord Length: 15'

Flange Diameter: Twin 8" intergrated 

Reflector Length: 28"


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